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You are Cordially [NOT] Invited to

S.T.A.R.T.'s 16th Annual

Winter Snow Ball!

 Betty White Challenge, the Sequel!


START, Save the Animals Rescue Teams joins the 2nd annual "Betty White Challenge" an event held on Betty's Birthday Jan. 17!  Betty White passed away on the brink of her 100th birthday in 2022, fans will be honoring Betty by supporting her biggest passions — animals! 


Betty White devoted her life to supporting the welfare of animals and was a friend to countless animals.  The "Betty White Challenge" encourages people to donate $5 or more to animal rescues or shelters in her name.

So please consider donating START, Save the Animals Rescue Team in Betty's honor or any animal rescue or shelter that you may support, every little bit helps!


PLEASE share this challenge to your network

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Myles needed our help! 
Your Donations at Work!

Helping animals who are sick, injured, abused or neglected is an expensive proposition.  This is why fundraisers are so important. They enable us to continue our vital mission.

After one of our Tricky Tray’s, S.T.A.R.T.  was called upon to once again do what we do best help an animal in need. A small kitten had been found on the streets. The little guy been hit by a car and left to die on the streets.  Animal control responded and slated him for euthanasia, due to multiple injuries sustained in the accident.  Luckily, the examining veterinarian examined him thoroughly and determined this little guy had a lot of fight in him.  The vet thought there was a decent chance he could be saved and contacted S.T.A.R.T. to see if we would consider taking over his care and treatment.  Of course, we agreed. That’s our mission: to help as many sick, injured, abused and neglected animals as we possibly can.

That’s how “Myles” came into our care. He had suffered many injuries in the accident including fractures to his pelvis and both legs, a displaced hip ball joint and a head injury.  Myles was in bad shape but with his fighting spirit, we were confident we could make a difference to improve his chance of recovery.

After many weeks spent recuperating (which included hand-feeding, medications and an accompanying tail infection requiring partial amputation) with his foster family, Myles was ready to find his forever home. A wonderful young women came along to adopt him!  Knowing his background, she wanted to give Myles a loving home. Today Myles is healthy, happy and living his best life.

Myles’ recovery was only possible because many factors came together: the outstanding care and dedication he received from our veterinarians, the commitment of his foster Mom and the generosity of our supporters all added up to give him his happy ending.  As medical bills piled up, friends of S.T.A.R.T. ensures we were able to give Myles all the care he needed.  He was saved, but there are many more animals like Myles that need our help.  Only through your kindness, can we continue to fulfill our mission.

Kitten season.jpg

Kitten season is always here!!!

The doors of S.T.A.R.T. are bursting open with the pitter patter of tiny feet!  Or should we say paws!  Save the Animals Rescue Team has many foster parents that are tending to little ones who are looking for their forever homes.  While we would love nothing more than to save them all, we can only tend to so many, so every adoption allows us to save yet another life.  The rescuing never ends but we can only succeed with the help and generosity of our community.  What a rewarding feeling it is to say you helped to save a life! 


Meet and Greets only at Petco Totowa.   Our adoption events on weekends at Petco on Route 46W in Totowa from 11a-3p  have been suspended due to Covid. Please check out our Pets for Adoption and send us an email and we will set up an appointment.

Keep in mind that kitten season does not mean that our adults get overlooked.  While the colors and the personalities of the cats may vary, the need for love does not.


All of the cats in our care are altered, up to date with their vaccinations, tested for FELV/FIV and microchipped.


Any questions, please call S.T.A.R.T. at 973-785-1245 or visit!


ANIMALS CANNOT GIVE YOU THE CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19). Please do not surrender your pets.


For the safety of everyone, (and mandated by the state) our weekend adoption events have been cancelled and animals in the adoption center will not return to Petco until we are over this crisis. We are hoping to return soon and will keep you updated!   


We are continuing to adopt our kitties, so please take a look at our adoptable animals on our website-, or If you are interested in adopting please send an email to and/or fill out an application online. One of our fosters will contact you directly. Until further notice all ADOPTIONS will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Once an application is approved, we can still meet you at Petco.


START survives on our weekly collections at Petco and our Fundraisers. Our Ride to Rescue fundraiser was cancelled leaving us short financially.  Cancelling our fundraisers is heartbreaking, as we depend on these to purchase food, pay our vet medical bills and keep our animals safe.   START may struggle to keep going but know that are animals are being taken care of with the usual amount of TLC.  START does not have a shelter, we use foster homes and have a private location for un-adoptable cats that are taken care of on a daily basis.  START continues with their routines of feeding outside colonies in need of our help. Check out our wish list below on Amazon if you can help.


If you are interested in fostering please send us an email at , kitten season is around the corner. We hate to turn anyone away. If you have a spare room/bathroom and the time please consider fostering. Send us an email and let us know if you would prefer to foster a kitten or an adult. Many of our kitties need socialization before they can be put up for adoption.


If you would like to help please consider making a donation on Facebook  or on our website.  You can also help by sending supplies directly to START, check out our Amazon Wish List at:


Please stay safe.


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Any questions please Email Us:

​We can not thank you enough for your support. 

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