START'S 12th Annual

Snow Ball

You are Cordially [NOT] Invited to

S.T.A.R.T.'s 12th Annual

Winter Snow Ball!

We ask you not to join us for our

NON-Event of the Season!

Just think of the Savings:

New Outfit............$100

Event Ticket...........$75

Pet/Child Sitter......$50

Gas & Parking........$40

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Donate That Money To The Homeless

 Cats And Kittens That We Rescue!


This year has been a challenging one with the number of calls we received regarding unaltered feral cats. In one specific instance, the resident thought she was only feeding 11 cats, but it turned out to be over 25! Altering is a critical step to eliminating cat overpopulation, however, it can quickly become costly. Last year's Winter Snow Ball donations went toward the spay/neuter costs associated with this colony!  

Thank you for your continued support and generosity!!



Since there is no expense for decorations, food, drinks or entertainment, your entire TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution will be used for food, supplies, and medical expenses for the local homeless dogs and cats we rescue.


RSVP:  By kindly printing, completing and mailing the donation form below or use our PayPal option! 

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